About Us

Who is DiscountsCode UK?

DiscountsCode UK is a value-added all in one platform which provides huge voucher codes and variety of deals on all top brands!

Our Team

We have a passionate and ambitious team with just one mission: we want to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible for you to find your desired product. The way people find and buy is constantly changing and evolving. Just like us. Discounts Code is growing fast and we are always looking for motivated employees who want to join our mission: to revolutionize the retail market. Our team is committed to find a wide range of discount deals and offers from different brands and presented them to the customers. Our team continuously checking and updating all the codes and if any code get expired, they removed it so that the authenticity of the offers is ensured.

What is our Business?

We are a company that provides discounts and deals of other products through our website. All products come at discounted prices, without shipping costs or minimum order value and also on the same day to your home, office or any other destination in the delivery area. In other words, we work in affiliate industry. When customer finds an attractive offer and clicks on it he will be redirected to the brand’s own website. In addition to that, our company presents some stores on our page to get the advertising commission. We also present a newsletter which provides details about different retailers and their deals and offers.

Our Mechanization

We believe in efficient digital marketing and search engine optimization techniques in order to get traffic on our website. Our skilled digital marketers also advertise our page on different social-media platforms to create awareness about our business and about our website. We also update knowledge of our offers through our social media pages. We finance ourselves from monthly contributions that merchants pay for our service, and also receive all the usual benefits of online shopping.

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